Firenze, Harry Potter's divination teacher poses for a photo for my walking tour on Edinburgh's Royal Mile
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Hedwig, Harry Potter's postal owl

In the footsteps of JK Rowling

comprehensive award-winning walking tours inspired by Harry Potter

Michael from New York, Tripadvisor:
This tour is a fun fusion of creativity, wit and a passion for Harry Potter! Not only was the tour guide creative, funny and knowledgeable, but he also provided us with so many sweet surprises along the way!

We made our way to various historic sights in Edinburgh all the while listening to informative stories that will certainly delight seasoned wizards or simply Muggles looking to learn more about British culture.

Having been to many Harry Potter related activities (Universal Studios, The Cursed Child, etc), I can confidently say this is one of the top Harry Potter experiences!

Our tour had children, adults and seniors and all of us found something to enjoy. There is a lot of walking involved and at times you will need to listen carefully, but you will certainly be delighted that you did this. Sam's creativity is contagious!

The Potter tour hallows
Making Rowling shine as a role model.

Fawkes the Phoenix
What can JK's life teach?
How to succeed at a creative life
How to respond to failure
What defines a good person
Beat the odds with prioritisation

Harry Potter's loyal house elf Dobby
The ethics of Potter
What can we learn from
characters' flaws & fate?
Heroism, thinking for yourself rather than being governed by committee

a magic spell book from Hogwarts library
Rowling's work teaches
how to be inspired,
obsess to grow originality,
break through blocks,
stay focused

Harry Potter's hat
Extend the magic
by mastering wandwork
tracing the mythological roots
with Potter-pilgrim traditions
Sorting ceremony for fun lovers

A loving journey across the Athens of the North, packing in more of the sights and all of the excitement of JK Rowling's rags to super-star story. Create memories that endure.

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The tour was reported in the Sunday Times
hours  -   £15

JK Rowling's Edinburgh

A witch

Walk in her footsteps, stand on her shoulders; for the witches & wizards who can't keep their hand down. Think you know it all?

Insufferable. Let's find out.

JK Rowling is a moderately influential woman who's sold a few books. On this tour we dive deep into her history.

Learn to use failure as a springboard, be inspired, stay committed and conquer the world. Discover the sights that inspired her and the cafes which fueled her. Experience how, through her adopted daughter, Edinburgh once more left footprints upon the world.

Over 3 hours learn the entire genesis of Harry Potter, from lightning striking on a Manchester train to becoming a pillar of British culture and shaping a generation.

180 minutes might sound like a long tour, it is in the cold, blessed Potter Trail is 75, ahh warmth, bliss. But if you're into Harry Potter there's some stuff I want to show you.

  1. Explore 40% of Edinburgh's Hogwartian old town, discover fabulous gothic scenes off the Muggle-track, the brickwork of Rowling's imagination.
  2. Learn how an unhappy marriage was the birthing of the worlds most beloved books.
  3. Feel how Rowling's grief deepened the stories.

Cower in terror as we meet dragons, sphinxes and a unicorn. (outside mating season)

They only gore folk they like
The keeper of the keys
Old Parliament hall Edinburgh echoes Hogwart's Great Hall
Weekdays on request: we can visit Old Parliament hall & learn how British history inspired the history of the wizarding world

Wouldn't it be cool if Rowling's thoughts and example could empower you to lead a more fulfilling, rewarding life? Wouldn't it be cool if there was a tour that showed the way?*

We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already
JK Rowling

*I want to go on that tour.

If you're considering a tour for somebody you love, who has read the books and loves Harry Potter, then you tread in the footsteps of others, they are legion on my Facebook. No terrible reviews so far (touch a wand, all the wands).

A Harry Potter tour in Greyfriars Kirkyard poses beneath JK Rowling's name in neon light
For tips tours can have upto 36 people sometimes more! My tour is capped at 12, unless someone brings a late deciding friend
The Harry Potter tour at Edinburgh uni's Old College
Edinburgh university's Old College, I used to do massive tours but they crawled like Draco Malfoy around Professor Mad Eye Moody
A walking tour outside Spoon the 1st Harry Potter cafe
Outside a cafe where Rowling wrote. There's revelations on the tour
The Harry Potter tour on Edinburgh's Castlehill
Castlehill near the Witches fountain
A child dies laughing in front of Tom Riddle's grave Greyfriars Kirkyard
Loyal servants of the Dark Lord pilgrimmaging to Thomas Riddle's grave. The Potter tour - come one, come all
The Edinburgh Harry Potter walking tour stops outside the Tron on the Royal Mile
Outside the Tron Kirk, with my improved smaller luxury tours, we usually go inside
A child is sorted into her house on an Edinburgh Harry Potter tour
This is not Hogwart's sorting hat. This is a hat I bought from a Witch near Hadrian's wall. She said it was magic. When I returned she'd vanished
Hen party on a Harry Potter tour get Sorted on the Royal Mile
A bubbly Hen party, I loved their good cheer
I place to Sorting hat on a hens head on the Edinburgh Harry Potter tour
Setting the hen's destiny for the rest of her life
Skyline of the Balmoral Hotel
Diagonal-ish Victoria Street, the bonniest street in Scotland. During the writing it had a broom shop, a joke shop, a book shop, a bank. What could it have inspired?
A hen party visit Greyfriars Kirkyard on a Harry Potter tour
Chatting about Peevse & the ghost of Greyfriars Kirkyard
It's a lot more dark and gritty
kind PotterTrail guides evaluated my tour

The more difficulties a person has overcome, the more you can learn from them. This tour has darker stories from Rowling's instructive biography, which I hope will inspire those ready to achieve more.

Private tours were chosen by the staff of:

Edinburgh university's Student association chose Potter tour Seal of Depaul university, they studied Harry Potter & chose Potter tour on their visit KPMG chose Edinburgh's free Potter walking tour

day money back promise
Guaranteed No Quibbler

If you book through my website and at the end you feel my tour pongs like Merlin's saggy pants I want you to ask for your money back. I want my fellow Potter-heads to have a 'Theôria', a sacred journey and a singular experience; it can be useful to know when I fall short.


Good time
Sam was incredibly entertaining and a wealth of knowledge! Best tour I’ve been on for as long as I can remember.

His ability to recount endless historical facts/figures while drawing connections to Harry Potter and JK Rowling was impressive. The tour was thorough, but never seemed long due to Sam’s complex understanding of the series and city at large.

Furthermore, he is humble. I had planned to tip as customary, especially considering how much I enjoyed the tour, however, before any of us could pull out our wallets, he was gone! Welp, until next time Sam! Highly recommend.

Samuel, OC California
Harry Potter's sillouette


J.K Rowling “Harry Potter” Tour
Sam our tour guide was absolutely wonderful. So kind, informational, and personable. He took group pictures, took any questions, and even extended the tour to show us some hidden gems.

He really loves what he does and it’s infectious. He walks SUPER fast, but in the hustle and bustle of the city, you understand why.

He was so much fun and even wrote the sweetest e-mail afterwards with a Hogwarts poem and extended his thanks. Great tour! Thanks Sam!

Jessica S, Tripadvisor


Super experience
Well worth booking this tour - the kids still talk about it months later.

We got to see places in Edinburgh that I could not have found on my own and it was constantly fascinating!

Mamma, Birmingham England
Ron Weasley's sillouette


10/10 was tour
Sam took us on a well thought out and entertaining tour through J.K's Edinburgh. He was very knowledgeable and had loads of quirky fun facts and surprises along the way.

I would recommend this tour for children and adults alike. Sam was very accommodating with times and let us join a private tour as he was booked out for the days we wanted!

Thanks Sam- you were a highlight of our trip to Edinburgh.

Brittany Rose, Tripadvisor


Felt as though I was a Hogwarts student! Pure magic.
Enjoy a fun and detailed tour with enthusiastic & energetic young guide Sam. In his wizarding robes he will firstly ask the Sorting Hat to find your Hogwarts house.

Then a long and fast paced trot through cobbled streets, down winding alleys, nooks and crannies and even across a graveyard! Ride on a broomstick if you've brought one, otherwise a lot of walking is necessary.

Sam is a delightful fountain of knowledge on everything linked to Harry Potter - the books, films and the author's publishing journey to phenomenal success.

Suitable for young and old Potter fans alike, with plenty of interesting
...Continues on Tripadvisor

Jennifer, Margate England
Harry Potter's sillouette


Great Harry Potter Tour
If you are thinking of going on a HP tour of Edinburgh, this is the one. Well worth paying for.

Sam shared lots of knowledge, which kept us all interested. Also gives you a good idea of geography of Edinburgh if you do it at start of your visit.

10/10 - don't think twice - just book and enjoy.

Amanda B, Tripadvisor


Best tour ever!!!
We had a brilliant morning with Sam. He was an amazing tour guide, a true Harry Potter fan!! We couldn’t of asked for a better guide around Edinburgh... sam you made our trip!!

Keep it up you’re the best bit of our trip and a memory we will have forever!! Thank you so much!!!

Katy M, Tripadvisor
Ron Weasley's sillouette


Sam is the best wizard guide anyone could ever hope for!
My mom and I booked the tour with Sam and we were the only ones for that day! It was supposed to be a 2.5 hour tour but he ended up going over time by about an hour to show us as much as possible, and to have tea with us in one of the coffee shops where Rowling wrote the books.

We mentioned we wanted to see Dolly the Sheep in the National Museum, so he took us there as we passed by it so we wouldn't have to come back later!

If there's one thing I learned on the tour, it's that I need to re-read the books. Sam knew absolutely EVERYTHING about Harry Potter and he writes great poems.

If you want the best Potter experience, book this tour!!

Cassandra W, Tripadvisor


Sam's tour was amazing today. He is so passionate and full of energy. His knowledge of all things Potter and the history/landmarks/stories relating to it left me completely overwhelmed.

I would recommend this tour to absolutely anyone who is a fan.

That being said, if you are not very fluent in English things might be a bit hard to follow because Sam gets so excited by it all and speaks a bit fast. :)

Lauren, Gwangju South Korea, T.A.
Harry Potter's sillouette


Fantastic - What an Experience!!
Sam is the PERFECT guide for an Edinburgh Potter Adventure. From Diagon Alley to the grave sites that inspired character names, Sam knows his stuff is personable and lots of fun!! The 3 hours flew by!!

Even if you only have a passing interest in Harry Potter this walking tour of Edinburgh makes for a good day out with some magic thrown in.

BlondOne65, Brisbane Australia
I enjoyed the meetings too. It was like having friends.
JK Rowling
Hold your Hippogriffs! Sam attempts to levitate a feather. Oh no. 2:50 seconds

Trophy room

LUX life magazine award the   Potter tour for Edinburgh's most magical pop culture tour

Reconsider Harry's saga from a newer perspective, based upon Joanne Rowling's trials and tribulations.


It's 1 minute to book, the widget above is secure, it's provided by Tripadvisor. If you book via my site I don't pay them a vault of Galleons and my love for you is Won-Won limitless. But if you'd rather...

Contact Sam
Starts top, besides the statue of the Duke of Wellington on his horse Copenhagen, opposite the Balmoral Hotel
5-6 hours

The Complete Potter-head

Hogwarts graduation cap

If you loved Harry Potter, then you want a Potter tour of JK Rowling's home to be as unforgettable as reading the books for the first time. You want to fill that crushing emptiness closing the Deathly Hallows left. You have one chance to make it good and you want the best.

I wrote this tour for you.

This tour has a good amount of stairs up the side of a volcanic vent to outside Edinburgh Castle. Don't worry, if we need to amputate your legs the Royal Infirmary will give you a Mad Eye too. If you make it down again and survive to graduate you'll have seen over 50% of Edinburgh's gothic fantastic, the Hogwartian Old Town.

In addition to all that's on the shorter tours this includes more:
Fantastic Beasts & Eddie Redmayne's cave.
JK's spell to overcome anxiety & writer's block.

A dragons flies by Edinburgh Castle
The thunderous Harry Potter book launch at Edinburgh Castle

The most seductive restaurant there is, The Witchery.
How community helped Rowling succeed.
The motivation for The Daily Prophet's Rita Skeeta.

Inhale the sweet scents at the Witches fountain, where witches cool down after a good toasting, and discover how Rowling used our witch trials to add a texture of reality to the Wizarding World.

Harry Potter painted as saviour Jesus Christ
Is Harry Jesus? Rowling's Christianity & spirituality in the wizarding world

Book a Thursday & we can even drink the blood of Christ like Rowling (& Sanguini?), experience the JK Rowling Eucharist™

It's the most writerly tour, giving:

  1. A tool to convert cliché to originality
  2. A strategy to overcome writer's block
  3. A half a dozen illustrations of transmuting misfortune into story beating with heart
  4. A mindset for using failure like a piston

It may even transport you to a magical world, at least if the wind from Edinburgh's 11 breweries is blowing the right way.

It's been popular amongst generous parents seeking an entirely forgettable rite of passage, visiting teachers who teach the books and passionate fans on a pilgrimmage wanting the most thorough exploration of Rowling's influences.

Hermoine Granger's sillouette


History, Harry & JK Rowling

Sam surpassed our expectations, delivering a fabulous Harry Potter tour! He was a cauldron of information and pulled surprises out of his knapsack to surprise and entertain.

As a writer I appreciated his knowledge of JK Rowling and her writing process, and my teenagers loved his trivia about the books. We saw parts of Edinburgh we’d never know about on our own. I recommend him and the tour to any HP fans!

Carrie Wolf, Colorado USA, T.A.
Harry Potter's sillouette


Amazing HP tour of Edinburgh!
My husband and I went on the 5½ hour Harry Potter walking tour with none ever than the top Harry Potter guide in Edinburgh. I know HP might not be for everyone but for those it is, this is the tour for you!

I thought I knew a lot about Harry Potter but was BLOWN away by Sam’s extensive knowledge and insight. We went all over Edinburgh to see some of the most significant aspects of JK Rowling’s creative journey towards the development of the series.

Sam was so excited and passionate about the tour and sharing his insight it was hard not to meet his enthusiasm. I would HIGHLY recommend this tour.

Emily, Chicago, Tripadvisor


For true Harry Potter lovers
My daughter and I went to Edinburgh this summer and she is a BIG Harry Potter fan. In looking at things to do on Trip Advisor I stumbled across Harry Potter tours.

I did a lot of research looking at the various tours and reading reviews. I was so fortunate to find the tours that Sam Stratford does.

I began corresponding with him on email to arrange for the tour. I have to admit I did not read the books & although I had heard a lot about it from my daughter & saw some of the movies, it was my daughter who was the fan.

Sam was very responsive and so "Harry Potter" entertaining that I smiled with every correspondence.
... continues on Tripadvisor

Laurel K Carmel, California
Ron Weasley's sillouette


Sam was superb!
We did a roughly 6 hour tour with Sam today & were very happy with it. Sam knows an insane amount about Harry Potter, JK Rowling, and Scottish history, and wove all of them together very well for this tour.
Sam was dressed in full wizard attire and added a lot of fun elements to the tour to make it more personal, including a fun game at lunch!
Overall though, this tour was a lot of fun and a great use of the day. We learned so many things we didn’t know, had a great time, and met some great people! Highly recommend for Potter fans. the full review on T.A.

Jenna M, San Jose California


Absolutely loved it!
I was recommended this tour by friends and am now sharing the love even further.

I absolutely loved Sam's tour. He is an incredible wealth of knowledge and left no stone unturned in his tour through Edinburgh. We visited places we never would have discovered and learnt so many Potter facts plus it served as a bonus history lesson.

It made me want to race back to the hotel and curl up with the book. Thanks for a great adventure... top of the Hogwarts class Sam!

Aura M, Perth Australia, T.A.
Harry Potter's sillouette


Not just for tourists - locals too
We have lived in Edinburgh for 23 years and grew up with Harry, Hermione, Ron, et al. Sam's knowledge of the HP stories, his interest in JK Rowling and his ability to weave this all into a tour of Edinburgh was quite remarkable. He even took us to a square that we hadn't appreciated existed.

Well done, Sam. You deserve a full tour every time.

Peter Kelly, Edinburgh, T.A.


How can so much information be packed into one wizard's brain?!!!

Sam was an excellent Edinburgh ambassador for our Seattle family of 5 - sharing his wealth of knowledge about the city and it's intimate connection to J.K. Rowling and the world of Harry Potter. Even my reluctant 17 year old son had a fabulous time.

We were able to see many city sites during the tour that we would never have found on our own. Sam did an excellent job of guiding our group around the city streets and finding quiet spots to fill our heads with Potter knowledge.

My only regret is that I do not have a pensieve in which to store the memories! Thank you Sam.

Melissa S, Tripadvisor
Ron Weasley's sillouette


Thoroughly enjoyable
We spent a lovely morning with Sam, and we were so pleased we chose this tour above all others. It was very refreshing to have a true Potter fan guide us through JK Rowling's world.

Sam was a delight and interacted with the whole group very well. We were sorted into our houses and earned points answering Sam's questions along the way, this was really exciting for the child in our party who became more excited after the chocolate frog at the end.

Sam not only informed about Harry Potter/JK Rowling, but also about the history of the area too, which was an added bonus. I would really recommend this tour. Thank you Sam.

Pebbles, Ayr Scotland, T.A.


Thoroughly enjoyed myself
A very engaging and interesting tour. Worth doing for Harry Potter fans. Learnt so many new things about JK Rowling's life that showed the book in a new perspective.

Sam is a great tour guide who really knows how to keep us entertained and his bag is full of surprises. It was a magical afternoon.

A Alwani, India, T.A.
Harry Potter's sillouette


Birthday treat
Genuinely think I couldn't have had a better birthday, sorted into [ Braves ], spent hours learning loads about Harry Potter & seeing some very very interesting places, having a great feast, cocktails afterwards. If only I had been Head Girl.

Thanks so much Sam, you made my birthday magical!!!!!

Emma White, Falkirk Scotland
Books! And cleverness! There are more important things - friendship and bravery...
JK Rowling

It stops at Spoon bistro or another cafe where Rowling wrote for games, a great feast and

I admit these can be a stretch for first years, but stretching makes the witch.

Harry Potter's bubbling cauldron
Dear JK Rowling
Thank you for making me feel less alone. You are a life saviour. Also thank you for all the magic in my life.
Love Elsa

Elsa was inspired by Hermione and is now studying to be a Dentist in Mexico. She's full of soul & gratitude; through turbulent times Harry Potter has been her solace. Elsa touched my heart.

It has helped to have pilgrims on the tour who embrace their inner Hermione and plunge in.

Skyline of the Balmoral Hotel
The Balmoral Hotel eclipses Edinburgh Castle. Which book did JK Rowling finish here?
3 wanded Turkish girls pose in front of an Angel on the Royal Mile
In Edinburgh Angels fall from the sky. Then they busk
A tour poses outside the gates of George 'Hogwarts' Heriots school
George Heriot's School said to be an inspiration for Hogwarts. All little Harry sees is Thestrals
Majestic Edinburgh castle in the snow
The Potterhead heads up to Edinburgh Castle esplanade, it's a big, tiring, heart-stressing climb. So you can eat all the Butter brew ice cream you like
A Harry Potter tour group outside St Giles Cathedral
Runnin' like a hairy troll. Learnin' to rock & roll
Spinnin' 'round like a crazy elf. Dancin' by himself
A Harry Potter tour walks towards Edinburgh unversity's McEwan Hall
Edinburgh's McEwan Hall paid for by brewer William McEwan. Many pints perished to bring us this majesty
Yoda teaches a Harry Potter tour outside St Giles Cathedral on the Royal Mile
A visiting Professor from Dagobah tutors the tour in Defence against the Dark Arts
A Harry Potter tour poses outside the Museum of Scotland
Alastair's eye is so creepy! Sometimes we visit the Museum of Scotland & use their toilets. I hate to go when Alastair's there, he can see through anything
German students on the Potter tour
Harry Potter guide - worst job in the world
Thumbs up to the Potter tour outside Edinburgh's Surgeons Hall
In front of a Giant's knife outside Edinburgh university's Surgeons Hall. Does Rowling like knives? Discover the Potter connections
The gates to Greyfrriars Kirkyard Edinburgh
We've been burying people here since the 16th century, when Mary Queen of Scots donated the land. JK Rowling wanted the adult generation in Harry Potter to feel like they were from an earlier age, I wonder where she got all those names...
Death levitating on the Royal Mile outside the Tron Kirk
Nice sythe Death, looks like you keep it spine snappingly sharp
Servants of the dark lord sweep down the Royal Mile on broomsticks, a Potter tour handles it
Ha - the look on Harry's face, it's like - nah too mental for me. This is Edinburgh's Royal Mile where we study Transfiguration
Outside Edinburgh's writers museum
Sometimes we visit inside the writer's museum here on tours
A Harry Potter tour poses with a flying wizard on the Royal Mile
A visiting professor flies in to teach love potions

I like doing this tour because it's special for me, I like the magic, I like the extra stories and I don't do it as often. I want it in reach, but 5 hours is very niche, so I've set the price to equal the cost of the Complete Warner Brothers Studio Tour Package £53, which is also around 5 hours.

The cost for each additional companion is a fraction of that.

Lunch will be an extra £5-11 a head. Childrens' meals are also available.

I'd love love love to host you. If I could I'd dose you with a love potion.

For booking or questions...

Contact Sam
2 hours

The Potter Tour

a green dragon

A short private tour on the date of your choice. It has all the chief sights connected to the books, perfect for restless Fred & Georges who'd like a certain brilliant witch to do all their homework because they have mischief to make.

If you just thought 'But they were in different years!', then you are truly, insufferably, insane.

You should come on my tour.

A Harry Potter tour dressed in cosplay poses on Victoria Street
Victoria Street, reputed to be the inspiration for Diagon Alley. Over summer we stop here for Scottish ice-cream; this class just had a standard Cheering charm, I love a fizzy brain
Young Witch in a Sorting Hat floats in mid air above Princes Street Edinburgh, the Castle in the background
Had a young witch on the tour today, she doesn't even need a broom
St giles Cathedral stands in for the gates of Hogwarts
St Giles Cathedral is not the doors of Hogwarts, however if Professor McGonagall cast Piertotum Locomotor the stone saints would surely spring to life
Tom Riddle's Court Edinburgh with prentice stair
Lions tigers and bears oh my!
Some come for passion, some come in Loopy hats, all are welcome
A Harry Potter tour poses in Makars Court
Defend yourselves, servants of the Dark Lord incoming! Obviously some take this more seriously than others; they're probably better at Apparition
A wizard tour guide stands before Tom Riddle's grave
The tour is open to all denominations so sometimes we'll do a eulogy to Thomas Riddell for practioners of the Dark Arts. I see you
St Columba journey's on a boat to bring Christianity to Scotland
At the fortress of King Bridei near Loch Ness St Columba took down the old ways. The gates were barred but Columba made the sign of the cross & they were flung asunder. He confronted a Pictish Druid & a battle of supernatural wills followed... Rowling's a Christian, discover how it infuses her epic
A Harry Potter tour poses outside St Giles Cathedral
What do we want? Elf liberation. When do we want it? Now!
But bless their flappy ears, they look so happy. Goblin oppression & unionisation is covered at the bank that inspired Gringotts
Demonic imagery adorns the sign of the witchery restaurant on Castlehill
What happens when Britain's biggest mystery, fantasy, childrens, literary novelist philanthropist meets the most seductive & demonic restaurant there is?
Edinburgh's Writer's museum
Sometimes we pop inside the Writer's museum here for an exhibit & story about master Potter
Riddle's Court one time home of Professor Mcgonagall
Riddle's Court... how many bodies have come out off this place? Poor Scottish historic buildings trust have to keep repainting the walls
A tour group practices witchcraft outside St Giles Cathedral
It's a spell to.... I dunno, make things really glowy? When you no longer need the library or doddering balding professors & you begin improvising your own magic, that's when you've hit mastery
A Harry Potter tour poses by Bucephalus, outside City Chambers
A class wraps up outside City Chambers before Alexander the Great taming his horse Bucephalus. Goodbye friends!

Enter Greyfriars Kirk-yard and the Harry Potter connections explode. We visit you know who's grave, a possible inspiration for Hogwarts, attempt to wake Peeves and explore some of the wizarding world's lesser known traditions and tales.

We'll hustle down a cobbled Alley, full of dark doorways, crooked stairs and the watching eyes of shopkeeps, where could it be?

At the foot of Victoria Street - Edinburgh's 'Diagon Alley' - we'll raise our hoods and study our shoes, Eaters of death be prowling. We'll quietly climb to Ka-chingotts for a bit of DL. Dragon Liberation. That'll warm us up.

OK there might be a wee bit less danger to life than that, but we'll see everything the bloggers write about and a few things more. And you'll have the time and energy for The Castle or other activities. Do it all or die.

It seemed more adult
Ina Bloemer, Edinburgh university student organiser chose Potter Tour

Don't let the cruel High Inquisitor catch you, blast out on your broomstick.

Contact Sam

As featured in the:

The Potter tour was featured in the Daily Mail Compare all Edinburgh's Potter tours
Ron Weasley French sillouette France knights JK Rowling
German Hermonie Granger's sillouette Germany's gift to Potter
Harry Potter & Netherland's flag Rowling's Dutch rapture
Italian Hermonie Granger JKR's Italian inspirations

Do you visit the grave of He Who Must Not Be Named? You bet your Longbottom. And we see the "birthplace of Harry Potter", but learn more with treasure undiscovered by travel bloggers:

Where Rowling graduated
Spoon cafe & bistro birthplace of Harry Potter
The Elephant House cafe where Rowling wrote Harry Potter battling the Basilisk
A third cafe where JK Rowling wrote
Rowling's reception for her honourary degree
The scene of Rowling's writer's block
JK Rowling @ Britain's most seductive restaurant?
Witness a gleaming gold postbox & learn its connection to Rowling's reinvention
The community that helped Rowling reach her potential
Cast a dissilussionment charm & see if you survive the finest school of witchcraft & wizardry in the world
The Grassmarket & how a Nearly Headless N - ghost got the chop
Victoria Street reputed to be 'Diagon Alley' & its Harry Potter shops
Harry Potter & Edinburgh Castle
Meet the Baxter's Dragons & a distant poetic relative of McGonagall
Show solidarity with Harry at the Heart of Midlothian
16th century townhouse Riddle's Court where the sun seldom reaches
JK Rowling's Edinburgh award
Young Witch in a Sorting Hat floats in mid air above Princes Street Edinburgh, the Castle in the background
What does Butter-brew ice cream taste like? Mmmm...
Merlin's beard book!

Why choose me?

More Rowling, more of the city that inspired her, more magic, more memories.

Art Credits
Old Parlimanet Hall illustration from the magazine The Graphic, volume XIX, no 479, February 1, 1879.
Harry Potter in the style of weeping Jesus came via a blog & is by an unknown artist. If it's you, I bow to your talent, please contact me.
The talented Jonathon Higgins for the dragon flyby of Edinburgh Castle. Sweet riding skills bro.

While this tour is inspired by Harry Potter and designed for Harry Potter fans to have the best visit, it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Warner Brothers. While I'm a fan, and would love to go on a tour of Edinburgh with Rowling or even Pottermore, I'm not associated with them, or JK Rowling's publishers' either. Besides I want her to keep writing fantastic Fantastic Beast's movies.

The tour is a scripted tour which is my highest achievement and due to the passage it took to create it, my life's work. Please do not reproduce or copy my tour, if you wouldn't want to be stolen from and devastated please don't help the Dungs of this world do so to me. Review it instead, that's the greatest tribute and help.

The magic on this tour is simply that, magic. All magic is illusion and any Potter style claptrap I may say on the tour should be taken in the spirit of fun and does not DOES NOT overturn the laws of physics or finger God.

May Merlin bless us all.