Quality Quidditch Supplies flies away

Is my headline worthy of Rita Skeeta?

On the North side of Diagon alley sits a shop where the British Quidditch teams buy their brooms and where Harry is tempted by consumerism when his Nimbus 2000 broomstick is ecclipsed by the Firebolt, produced by Randolph Spudmore. It's new so it must be at least 1000% better right? But Harry was leery of 'price on demand' and rightly so, Goblins are involved in the manufacture of the metal work, and their enthusiasm for strikes pushes the price into the stratosphere.

Edinburgh's Robert Cressers on the North of Victoria Street went one better, he didn't just resell brooms, he made them.

Robert Cresser's broom shop 40 Victoria Street Edinburgh
All things must pass, including Collies

We pass Number 40 Victoria Street, AKA Diagon Alley, on the tour. Robert Cresser's brush and broom shop was opened here in 1873. It was most recently run by Stephen Gilhooly from youth to retirement and back again. In 1996 when he shut up shop locals clamoured for him to get back to work!

Originally the Cresser family lived on the top floor, making brushes & broomsticks on the middle floor and selling them from the ground floor shop.

inside Robert Cresser's brush & broom shop Victoria Street Edinburgh
There once was a gentle man who would re-bristle your toilet brush

Each brush was made from a particular type of animal bristle and each one had a distinctive smell. They made boar bristle clothes brushes, wet and dry chimney brooms, silver brushes, telescopic cornice brooms, hog's-hair 'fitches' for artists watercolours, bagpipe brushes. He could make you a Nimbus 2000 to order, the old man said “There's not a broom we can't do”.

In 2004, after 130 years, it was swept away. Replaced by a shop selling T-towels with instructions on how to deep fat fry your Mars Bars. Although some of the Harry Potter memorabilia on their lofty top shelves makes me want to fly.

40 Victoria Street view down the stairwell packed with brooms at Robert Cresser's brush & broom shop Edinburgh
We had the best brooms in the world. Once

Creating the cinematic Q.Q.S.

When the set decorator for the Philosopher's stone was stocking Quality Quidditch Supplies, no one on her team was allowed to reveal they were purchasing for the Harry Potter films. So when she put in an order for brooms in bulk and the retailer asked ‘what do you want them all for?’, she said she had a lot of sweeping to do.

Harry Potter walks beside Rubeus Hagrid, away into the mist of Diagon Alley
Harry walks away into the mist of our memories. Revive him, visit Edinburgh

Robert Cressers is now Diagon House, a shop with hearty atmosphere & Hogwartian artifacts but no flying broomsticks

Visit the Elephant House, where Rowling wrote more than any other known cafe.

Exterior photo from Lost Edinburgh  Diagon Alley art sold by Society 6