Hi I'm Sam. I'm short, balding with enourmous ears and I'm beginning to feel a tug to shut them in over doors. An elf's work is never done.

I'd be thrilled to host a private Potter tour, just for your group.

A private Harry Potter tour with a family outside Edinburgh Castle
It's Master Potter's birthday! Outside Edinburgh Castle he surrenders to the Dark Lord

phone:  44 7472 032 787

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Thoughts on birthdays

See a unicorn on a Harry Potter walking tour Well if you're considering me - thanks! I think it better to give the kids a choice though. At least two. People value more what they choose for themselves and it's a day of heightened emotions, so offer them a couple of alternatives, just for their birthday let them be the boss. If they choose a tour, brilliant!

In all cases make sure they're warm, the tour has a bit of standing around, but not overheating. If it rains, bring a trident.

Quill writing in the Elephant House on a Harry Potter tour
Quill writing thankyou letters to JK Rowling, to leave in the Elephant house for an 18th birthday on a 5 hour tour

The Complete Potter-head a 5ish hour tour with activities. Popular for rites of passage and people on a pilgrimmage. It stops at Spoon bistro for a great feast and witchcraft classes be it writing a witchy song for the school choir, attempting tessomancy or other malarky.

What has helped make this a success so far is having at least one senior adult along who embraces the tomfoolery and so leads others into it.

The length so far ranges from 4 hours 30 minutes to 6 hours, depending upon queues, eating, conversations and walking speed.
I can do tours of up to 6 people like this on weekdays, sometimes a shorter version can be run on Sundays.
It remains a dark and gritty tour about what you can learn from JK Rowling overcoming hardship.
It's only suited to parties where at least one person has read all the books.

In peak season, or for larger groups a room may need to be booked increasing the price.
It's possible to do a shorter tour including the activities if wanted.
It maybe best not to tell the party about the Quill writing, it's more fun as a surprise.

I'm very happy to do these tours because they're something different, apparently 'unforgettable' - my life is so hard. If interested please contact me with your party size and availability.