A Harry Potter tour & witch on Edinburgh's Royal Mile

A visitor from New Zealand told me "Everywhere has castles, there are two unique things to do in Edinburgh, the underground city and Harry Potter". Well actually Seattle has an underground city, so that just leaves one...

Potter trail was formed in 2012, they are the trailblazers, thus having more reviews from happy customers.
Potter tour formed 2017 and I love every last one of my reviewers from their eyebrows up.

Pottertrail has HUGE groups, it's like going to the Quidditch world cup, their guides probably have whistles & referee.
Potter Tours are limited to a dozen unless something goes awry. If you're interested you can get individual attention.

Pottertrail is for tips so you can walk away with no loss.
I get everyone to swear an unbreakable vow at the beginning of my tour, if you walk away, you die.

Potter trail has won certificates of excellence from Tripadvisor for a high number of good reviews.
So have I.

Potter Trail has an award from 'THA' for hospitality; never heard of them.

LUX life magazine award the Potter tour for Edinburgh's most magical pop culture tour

According to LUX life magazine I'm best in class family & visitor attraction; never heard of them either. But bless them!

Potter trail is 75 minutes with a flatter route. Less walking arguably makes it better suited to those who are disabled or who have a casual interest.
I have 'The Complete Potterhead' a 5-6 hour activity tour for witches & wizards on a pilgrimmage. My tours are longer, I like reviving the magic sure, we do some wand work on the tour, but I love what Rowling's life has to teach.

Quill writing in the Elephant House on a Harry Potter tour
Quill writing thankyou letters to JK Rowling to leave in the Elephant house for an 18th birthday on a 5 hour Complete Potter-head

Potter trail is fun and Funny.
I hope to provide something useful, perhaps inspiring and worthy of spending more time on. I want to make memories, laughter is satisfactory.

Potter tour's longer tours take in many more sights.
However Potter trail includes Favourit cafe and many Edinburgh ghost stories I don't. These are all good things.

Potter tour vs Potter Trail Google review
This was a wonderful surprise, my first review from someone who has been on both tours & I'm very grateful for it

According to Will, one of the Potter Trail guides, I have "nice robes".
Never has Sam been complimented by a wizard — like an equal!

Bless you master William. Master has nice robes too.

Oh Good Lord.

OK well Sandemans are a multinational based in Germany? Spain? They have an excellently rated historical tour and a well paid executive class. Too often their 'serf' guides, paying £3 per head for each customer, earn less than the legal minimum wage. Their company makes us poorer and their guides make the world worse for people who live here.

Is it run by Grindelwald? No.
But they could be.

My tours are run by me. I'm pretty bad too. If you do a quiz on my blog like this, you can see I probably idolise Alan Rickman too much. But he's just sooo silky.

Compare Potter walking tours

All tours are jam packed with sights of gothic romance:

The Potter Tour Rowling's Edina Potter head
Time 2 hrs 3 hrs ~5 hrs
The Tron Kirk
Kwidditch postbox
The Nor Loch
Old College
Nicolsons café
Surgeons Hall
George Heriots
McEwan Hall
The Grassmarket
Tom Riddle's grave
Andrew Carnegie's library
The Elephant House
Eddie 'Newt Scamander' Redmayne's cave
Victoria Street
A dragons flies by Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle esplanade
The witches fountain
Prof. Mcgonagall's Gt. grandfather
The Witchery
Riddle's court
Lady Stair's mansion house
Royal Academy
The Balmoral Hotel
The Heart of Midlothian
Rowling's Edinburgh Award
Inside Old Parliament Hall
Wizardry classes

Why choose Potter Tour?
More Rowling, more of the city that inspired her, more magic, more memories.

A Harry Potter tour dressed in cosplay poses on Victoria Street
Victoria Street, reputed to be the inspiration for Diagon Alley. Over summer we stop here for Scottish ice-cream; this class just had a standard Cheering charm, I love a fizzy brain
Young Witch in a Sorting Hat floats in mid air above Princes Street Edinburgh, the Castle in the background
Had a young witch on the tour today, she doesn't even need a broom
St giles Cathedral stands in for the gates of Hogwarts
St Giles Cathedral is not the doors of Hogwarts, however if Professor McGonagall cast Piertotum Locomotor the stone saints would surely spring to life
Tom Riddle's Court Edinburgh with prentice stair
Lions tigers and bears oh my!
Some come for passion, some come in Loopy hats, all are welcome
A Harry Potter tour poses in Makars Court
Defend yourselves, servants of the Dark Lord incoming! Obviously some take this more seriously than others; they're probably better at Apparition
A wizard tour guide stands before Tom Riddle's grave
The tour is open to all denominations so sometimes we'll do a eulogy to Thomas Riddell for practioners of the Dark Arts. I see you
St Columba journey's on a boat to bring Christianity to Scotland
At the fortress of King Bridei near Loch Ness St Columba took down the old ways. The gates were barred but Columba made the sign of the cross & they were flung asunder. He confronted a Pictish Druid & a battle of supernatural wills followed... Rowling's a Christian, discover how it infuses her epic
A Harry Potter tour poses outside St Giles Cathedral
What do we want? Elf liberation. When do we want it? Now!
But bless their flappy ears, they look so happy. Goblin oppression & unionisation is covered at the bank that inspired Gringotts
Demonic imagery adorns the sign of the witchery restaurant on Castlehill
What happens when Britain's biggest mystery, fantasy, childrens, literary novelist philanthropist meets the most seductive & demonic restaurant there is?
Edinburgh's Writer's museum
Sometimes we pop inside the Writer's museum here for an exhibit & story about master Potter
Riddle's Court one time home of Professor Mcgonagall
Riddle's Court... how many bodies have come out off this place? Poor Scottish historic buildings trust have to keep repainting the walls
A tour group practices witchcraft outside St Giles Cathedral
It's a spell to.... I dunno, make things really glowy? When you no longer need the library or doddering balding professors & you begin improvising your own magic, that's when you've hit mastery
A Harry Potter tour poses by Bucephalus, outside City Chambers
A class wraps up outside City Chambers before Alexander the Great taming his horse Bucephalus. Goodbye friends!
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What's your experience with Edinburgh's 'Harry Potter' tours?

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