Firenze, Harry Potter's divination teacher poses for a photo for my walking tour on Edinburgh's Royal Mile

In the footsteps of JK Rowling

comprehensive walking tours inspired by Harry Potter

"Genuinely think I couldn't have had a better birthday, sorted into [ BRAVES ] spent 2 & half hours learning loads about Harry Potter & seeing some very very interesting places, having a great feast, cocktails afterwards. If only I had been Head Girl. Thanks so much Sam you made my birthday magical!!!!!"
Emma White

A loving journey across the Athens of the North, packing in more of the sights and all of the excitement of JK Rowling's rags to super-star story. Create memories that endure.

The Potter tour hallows

What can JK's life teach?
How to succeed at a creative life
How to respond to failure
What defines a good person
Beat the odds with prioritisation

The ethics of Potter
What can we learn from
characters' flaws & fate?
Heroism, thinking for yourself rather than being governed by committee

a magic spell book
Rowling's work teaches
how to be inspired,
obsess to grow originality,
break through blocks,
stay focused

Extend the magic
with connections between Edinburgh & lesser known Wizarding World creatures & history.
Sorting ceremony for fun-lovers

Potter Tours have a higher rating than Edinburgh Castle - the Castle costs about the same amount as a Flaming-bolt broomstick*, or all the gold in Ka-ching-gotts and half of Merlin's teeth.

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*They're both made by Goblins, Scottish Goblins, the hardest working Goblins in the world.

4-ish hours

The Complete Potter

If you loved Harry Potter, then you want a Potter tour of JK Rowling's home to be as unforgettable as reading the books for the first time. You want to fill that crushing emptiness closing the Deathly Hallows left. You have one chance to make it good and you want the best.

I wrote this tour for you.

This tour has a good amount of stairs up the side of a volcanic vent to Edinburgh Castle. Don't worry, if we need to amputate your legs the Royal Infirmary will give you a Mad Eye too. If you make it down again and survive to graduate you'll have seen over 50% of Edinburgh's gothic fantastic, the Hogwartian Old Town.

In addition to all that's on the shorter tours this includes more:
Magical Beasts & Eddie 'Newt Scamander' Redmayne's cave.
JK's spell to overcome anxiety & writer's block.
The thunderous Harry Potter book launch at Edinburgh Castle.

Rowling's christianity & spirituality in the wizarding world.
The most seductive restaurant there is, The Witchery.
How community helped Rowling succeed.

The motivation for The Daily Prophet's Rita Skeeta.
Inhale the sweet scents at the Witches fountain, where witches cool down after a good toasting, and discover how Rowling used our witch trials to add a texture of reality to the Wizarding World.

It's the most writerly tour, giving:
A Tool to convert cliche to originality.
A strategy to overcome writer's block.
A half a dozen illustrations of transmuting misfortune into story beating with heart.
A mindset for using failure like a piston.

It may even transport you to a magical world, at least if the wind from Edinburgh's 11 breweries is blowing the right way.

It's a lot more dark and gritty
kind competitors trailed & evaluated my tour

The more difficulties a person has overcome, the more you can learn from them. This tour has the most stories from Rowling's instructive biography, which I hope will inspire those ready to achieve more.

Live Rowling's struggle and triumph and discover the best of "Yon empress of the North" - Sir Walter Scott.


This tour is limited to a maximum of 10 participants.


For parties of 2 or more I also have a 5 hour complete Potter-head with stops, classes & activities. I hope for memories that are immortal.

Contact Sam The tour was reported in the Sunday Times
2½+ hours  -   £15

JK Rowling's Edinburgh

Reported in The Times, for the witches and wizards who can't keep their hand down. Think you know it all?

Insufferable. Let's find out.

JK Rowling is a moderately influential woman who's sold a few books. On this tour we dive deep into her history. Learn to use failure as a springboard, be inspired, stay committed and conquer the world. Discover the sights that inspired her and the cafes which fueled her. Experience how, through her adopted daughter, Edina once more left footprints upon the world.

Over 2.5 hours learn the entire genesis of Harry Potter, from lightning striking on a Manchester train to becoming a pillar of British culture and shaping a generation.

150 minutes might sound like a long tour, it is in the cold, my competitors is 75, ahh warmth, bliss. But if you're into Harry Potter there's some stuff I want to show you.

Explore 40% of Edinburgh's Hogwartian old town, discover fabulous gothic scenes off the Muggle-track, the brickwork of Rowling's imagination.
Learn how an unhappy marriage was the birthing of the world's most beloved books.

Feel how Rowling's grief deepened the stories.
Cower in terror as we meet dragons, sphinxes and a unicorn. (outside mating season)

They only gore folk they like
Professor R.H.

Visit Old Parliament hall (weekdays only): learn how British history inspired the history of the wizarding world.

Wouldn't it be cool if Rowling's thoughts and example could empower you to lead a more fulfilling, rewarding life? Wouldn't it be cool if there was a tour that showed the way?*

We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already
JK Rowling

*I want to go on that tour.

If you're considering a tour for somebody you love, who has read the books and loves Harry Potter, then you tread in the footsteps of others, they are legion on my Facebook. No terrible reviews so far (touch a wand, all the wands).

A Harry Potter tour in Greyfriars Kirkyard poses beneath JK Rowling's name in neon light The Harry Potter tour at Edinburgh uni's Old College A walking tour outside Spoon the 1st Harry Potter cafe The Harry Potter tour on Edinburgh's Castlehill A child dies laughing in front of Tom Riddle's grave Greyfriars Kirkyard The Edinburgh Harry Potter walking tour stops outside the Tron on the Royal Mile A child is sorted into her house on an Edinburgh Harry Potter tour Hen party on a Harry Potter tour get Sorted on the Royal Mile I place to Sorting hat on a hens head on the Edinburgh Harry Potter tour A hen party visit Greyfriars Kirkyard on a Harry Potter tour

Private tours were chosen by the staff of:

Edinburgh universities Student association chose Potter tour Seal of Depaul university, they studied Harry Potter & chose Potter tour on their visit KPMG chose Edinburgh's free Potter walking tour

day money back guarentee

If you book through my website and at the end you feel my tour pongs like Merlin's saggy pants I want you to ask for your money back. I want my fellow Potter-heads to have the best time, bar none, I want to be deserving of folks attention and would value the feedback.

This offer lasts for 60 days from the end of the tour, guaranteed no quibbler.

Booking is required below, or by contacting me. Rowling's Edina, like being friends with professor R.H., a half-giant amount more than you bargained for.

Starts top, besides the statue of the Duke of Wellington on his horse Copenhagen, opposite the Balmoral Hotel

Sometimes this tour, and the others, have the World's worst chocolate amphibians at the end (they're very immobile). This is dependant upon the Dukes of Honey's breeding program - do not tell kids in case of frog failure.

2 hours

The Potter Tour

A short private tour on the date of your choice. It has all the chief sights connected to the books, perfect for restless Fred & Georges who'd like a certain brilliant witch to do all their homework because they have mischief to make.

If you just thought 'They were in different years!'
Five more points from BRAVES for being an insufferable know it all. You should come on my tour.

Enter Greyfriars Kirk-yard and the Harry Potter connections explode. We visit you know who's grave, a possible inspiration for Hogwarts, attempt to wake Peeves and explore some of the wizarding world's lesser known traditions and tales.

We'll hustle down a cobbled Alley, full of dark doorways, crooked stairs and the watching eyes of shopkeeps, where could it be? At the foot of Victoria Street - Edinburgh's 'Diagon Alley' - we'll raise our hoods and study our shoes, Eaters of death be prowling. We'll quietly climb to Ka-chingotts for a bit of DL. Dragon Liberation. That'll warm us up.

OK there might be a wee bit less danger to life than that, but we'll see everything the bloggers write about and a few things more. And you'll have the time for The Castle and other activities. Do it all or die.

It seemed more adult
Ina Bloemer, Edinburgh university student organiser chose Potter Tour

Don't let the cruel High Inquisitor catch you, blast out on your broomstick.

Contact Sam

As featured in the:

The Potter tour was featured in the Daily Mail Compare all Edinburgh's Potter tours Young Witch in a Sorting Hat floats in mid air above Princes Street Edinburgh, the Castle in the background
Had a young witch on the tour today, she doesn't even need a broom

Do you visit the grave of He Who Must Not Be Named? You bet your Tallbottom. And we see the "birthplace of Harry Potter", but learn more with treasure undiscovered by travel bloggers:

Where Rowling graduated
Spoon cafe & bistro birthplace of Harry Potter
The Elephant House cafe where Rowling wrote Harry Potter battling the Basilisk
A third cafe where JK Rowling wrote
Rowling's reception for her honourary degree
The scene of Rowling's writer's block
JK Rowling @ Britain's most seductive restaurant?
Witness a gleaming gold postbox & learn it's connection to Rowling's reinvention
The community that helped Rowling reach her potential
Cast a dissilussionment charm & see if you survive the finest school of witchcraft & wizardry in the world
The Grassmarket & how a Nearly Headless N - ghost got the chop
Victoria Street reputed to be 'Diagon Alley', & it's 'Harry Potter shops'
Harry Potter & Edinburgh Castle
Meet the Baxter's Dragons & a distant poetic relative of McGonagall
Show solidarity with Harry at the Heart of Midlothian
16th century townhouse Riddle's Court where the sun seldom reaches
Young Witch in a Sorting Hat floats in mid air above Princes Street Edinburgh, the Castle in the background
What does Butter-brew ice cream taste like? Mmmm...
Merlin's beard book!

Why choose me?

More Rowling, more of the city that inspired her, more Magical Beasts.
A better question is 'will you win the Home Cup?'

While this tour is inspired by Harry Potter and designed for Harry Potter fans to have the best visit, it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Warner Brothers. While I'm a fan, and would love to go on a tour of Edinburgh with Rowling or even Pottermore, I'm not associated with them, or JK Rowling's publishers' either. Besides I want her to keep writing fantastic Fantastic Beast's movies.

The tour is a scripted tour which is my highest achievement and due to the passage it took to create it, my life's work. Please do not reproduce or copy my tour, if you wouldn't want to be stolen from and devastated please don't help the Dungs of this world do so to me. Review it instead, that's the greatest tribute and help.